“Friday” Update- May 31, 2017

Hello TCDS Families!

I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday weekend and that your child is enjoying a bit of down-time this week! The teachers are busy cleaning out and cleaning up their classrooms for the summer! Ms. Laurie, Ms. Lisa, and Ms. Mindy are busy preparing for our first week of camp! And the playground is slowly drying out from the rain. Things are still busy here!!

If your child is signed up for the Summer Nature Program, payments are due today. Please get in touch if you have not sent in your payment so we know when to expect it. Keep in mind that Extended Day is billed separately! We will begin our summer program with Safari Adventures, continue with Under the Sea, then become Our Little Scientists, and finish up with Nutrition and Cooking. If your child is attending camp any of these four weeks, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please have your child bring their tote bags in addition to lunch boxes so they can carry their projects home. Please remember to pack a peanut-free lunch with milk or water for your child each day. A snack will be provided by the school.
  • We will look at the weather on Monday to determine Game Day and Sprinkler Day and will communicate those dates to you then.
  • Please have your signed permission slip to turn into the office on Monday. Please be sure to apply sunscreen to your child everyday; we are not permitted to apply sunscreen to your child, so please do not pack it in their bags. Also, remember our outside spaces can get buggy so bug repellent would also be a good idea.
  • Feel free to pack an extra pair of clothes in your child’s bag in case of accidents.
  • Please look at the weather each day and dress your child appropriately. A sweater or sweatshirt would probably be a good idea as the air conditioning can make the room chilly for some. Also, sneakers are required everyday for your child’s safety!


We look forward to getting our Summer Nature Program started!!

The teachers are cleaning out in order to make room for some new instructional materials. We have tons of puzzles, games, and toys that we will be selling at a very discounted price during a yard sale this Saturday, June 3 from 9-12. We also have some wooden cubbies left that are being sold for $5 a cubby (2-unit cubby = $10; 5-unit cubby = $25). Please come by on or before June 3rd if you are interested in purchasing anything! See attached flyer and spread the word! All money made will go directly back to the school for instructional materials.

You may have noticed on Friday that our outgoing four’s students in Ms. Jamie’s and Ms. Nicole’s classes painted a rock to leave on what I am calling our Alumni Angel Path leading down to the playground. Over the years, each child that “graduates” from TCDS will leave their mark on our path. PLEASE do not allow your child to pick up, play with, or take any of these rocks. It is important to the staff and alumni that the children’s mark remains on our school for years to come. Thank you in advance!

That’s all for now! I will send out emails periodically throughout the summer to keep you updated on the many projects we plan to undertake during vacation. If you need anything during the summer and don’t get myself or Laura, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP! And we will always be checking email!

Take Care,