Friday Updates- September 1, 2017

Happy Friday TCDS Families!

We had a fantastic week here at Trinity, welcoming families old and new for Meet and Greet conferences in their new classrooms. The teachers have truly outdone themselves this year, preparing their space and the school for our Angels who are returning in the next two weeks! We are all very excited to get the 2017-2018 school year started!

You may have noticed some improvements to the building when you came in this week. We were very busy this summer with projects: we had the interior of the school painted, air conditioning installed in the 4’s classrooms, and new cubbies built in the older part of the building. These improvements would not have been possible without the generous Parents’ Club contribution from a very successful fundraising year in 2016-2017. Please support this amazing organization of parents, as they work very hard to support the school and our Angels!

Hopefully you received the update that Back to School Night has changed. It will be Thursday, September 14 at 7:00 pm. Please make every effort to attend to get to know more about what this year will hold for your child.

As you prepare for your child’s first day of school, please keep the following procedures in mind:

  • Remember to sign your child in and out each morning on the blue binder outside of your child’s classroom.
  • Please be sure your child has a change of seasonally appropriate clothing in their cubby at all times.
  • Please be sure all completed paperwork has been turned in to your teacher. Any incomplete forms will be sent home in your child’s folder within the first week of school; if you see any highlighted forms in your child’s folder, please return them to the office on the next school day.
  • There may be tears during the first few weeks of school as your child learns to trust their new teachers and get used to their new learning environments. Please keep in mind that all of our staff will be around to give hugs or space, whichever type of comfort is best for your child. It is best to give a hug and kiss and walk away; no one understands more than I do how hard this is, but please rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to reassure and calm your child while they are with us.

I am so happy to have all of the children back in the building, bringing fun and excitement to our days! Please remember that I am always here for your family should you have questions, concerns, or celebrations! Have a fabulous holiday weekend!


Take Care,