Friday Updates- September 7, 2018

Dear TCDS Families,

It has been such a wonderful first week of school for our 3’s and 4’s! Our Angels are walking into their classrooms with their heads held high and smiles on (most of) their faces. I am so proud of our students for starting the year off on such a good note! Please check out our Facebook page for some pictures from today! Our 2’s will begin school next week following a gradual entry schedule, and we are very excited to welcome back our ENTIRE #TCDSfamily on Monday!

Next week, our 3’s and 4’s will follow a regular morning schedule, which is drop-off at 9 and pick-up at 12. A reminder that Extended Day is open from 8-9 each morning and from 12-5:30 each afternoon. If your child is not contracted for Extended Day but you need services, please sign them up on the Extended Day board next to the office. As of now, there is room for drop-in students in morning care, so please call or email the office if you need to drop off early.

Please make sure that you have returned all of your child’s paperwork to the office and brought in all of the supplies listed on your child’s supply list. It is a state regulation that all of our students must have a completed Health Inventory, signed by the doctor, and a completed Emergency Form with doctor and important health information listed. If you have not returned these forms to school, please get them to the office ASAP!

Next week, we have some fun things planned that I would like to highlight:

  • September 12 & 13: Parents’ Club Meet and Greet will take place under the portico right after drop-off. Please stop by for a snack and to meet the Parents’ Club officers. Information will be given for events this year and for volunteering opportunities. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • September 13: Back to School Night will begin at 7:00 in the Multipurpose Room, room 108. I will begin with a whole-school presentation and then there will be two classroom sessions with the teachers. Please keep the following in mind when planning your evening:
    • Jamie’s morning class should go to her first session and Enrichment class should attend her second session.
    • Debbie’s 3’s class should attend her first session and her 2’s class should attend her second session.
    • Marcie will present for her 3’s class during the first session.
    • Lauren will present for her 3’s class during the second session.
  • September 14: MOVIE NIGHT! Trinity Church presents’ “Paddington 2” in the upstairs parish hall at 6:30 pm. Snack and drinks are provided by the church, so all you need to bring is a blanket to lay on! PJs are welcome as well! Hope to see you there!

We are happy to allow our TCDS families a chance to play on the playground after school lets out… it is a great way to socialize with families in the school. With that being said, however, it is imperative that our students follow the playground rules posted at all times when school is in session. This includes the time after the children are picked up from their classrooms. Parents, please stay in close proximity to your child and ensure they are playing properly and safely on the playground after school. Children are to use the equipment properly (down only on the slides, bottoms only on the swings, climbing inside but not on top of equipment) and all mulch and sticks must remain on the ground. We also ask all families to leave the playground by 12:30 in order to ensure the area does not become overcrowded with Extended Day and Enrichment students. Finally, if you would like to enjoy a picnic lunch after school, please use the picnic tables up on the hill outside of the playground; this keeps the picnic tables inside the playground free of any allergens. We truly appreciate your cooperation in order to ensure the safety of all of our Angels!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, even though it looks like it’s going to be a wet one! Please remember that, although BCPS and HCPS schools are closed on Monday, TCDS is OPEN!! We look forward to seeing everyone then!


Take Care,