Friday Updates- September 13, 2019

Happy Friday, TCDS Families!

Happy Friday the 13th! I have always seen this as a good luck day, so I hope you are enjoying it!

Well, it’s the end of our second week of school and I am so proud of how all of our Angels are doing! Our 2’s are working on settling in and, although there are a few tears, they are doing a great job getting to know their teachers and learning about their new classroom. Those tears will dry up soon and, before we know it, they will be TCDS experts! Our 3’s and 4’s continue to impress me with their bravery, excitement, and flexibility with learning new routines. Thank you for sharing your children with us each day and trusting that we are all doing our very best to make sure they love school!

Thank you to those families who were able to make it to Back to School Night last night. It was a packed house and a positive experience for the staff… I hope you felt the same! If you were not able to make it, we completely understand. If you were not here, your teacher will be sending home information in your child’s folder. Thank you so much for your support in your child’s early childhood education.

Lunch Reminders: We are peanut-free at lunch time, so please refrain from packing anything with peanut butter. If you use an alternative, please place a note in your child’s lunchbox so we know the ingredients. Also, please send any warm items in a Thermos as we will not be able to heat lunches this year. We truly thank you for your understanding and help with this.

Soccer Shots begins this coming Tuesday, September 17. There is a class for our youngest students (ages 2-3) at 12:30 and a class for the older students (ages 3-5) at 1:00. As of right now, there is no enrollment in the 12:30 class. Soccer Shots has offered to do a free class this Tuesday for any of our students in the 2’s classes to let the children try it and see if they like it. If you would like to try it out before enrolling, please be here on Tuesday at 12:30! If your child likes it, then you can enroll for the rest of the fall season. Please let me know if you plan to come to the 12:30 class so I can let the coaches who to expect. If you child is already enrolled, look for an email with more details on Monday!

Enrichment class begins on Wednesday, September 18. If your child is enrolled in the 4’s Enrichment class, please ensure they have a lunch on Wednesday. Pick up is at 3:00 unless your child is contracted for Extended Day afterwards. We look forward to getting this final piece to our regular schedule in place!

You may have noticed that our insect population has been plentiful lately. We do our best to empty water to reduce the mosquito population, but sometimes we don’t get to it as quickly as we would like. Also, given that we are in a wooded area, we can never eliminate these insects. Therefore, the use of bug spray is strongly suggested for these late summer months and in the spring as well. Per MSDE regulations, we are not allowed to put bug spray on your child unless we have a form filled out by a doctor. Therefore, please spray before school each morning to reduce bug bites.

This coming Friday, September 20 at 6:00 pm, is the Ice Cream Social sponsored by the Parents’ Club. This is a free event and is an opportunity for families to come together outside of school for some sweets and some fun on the playground! We have received many RSVPs back in the office, so we anticipate a crowd. If you haven’t already returned it, please send in your RSVP to the office by Wednesday so we have enough ice cream. We hope to see you there!

The Book Fair is coming the week of October 7!! This is a fun opportunity for you to shop for books with your child before or after school! We set up right in the school lobby, so you can’t miss it. This week ends with our first fundraiser of the year, the Fall Harvest Party and Chili Cook-Off Contest, on October 11. More details will be coming soon about this party, but if you have a good chili recipe it’s time to dust it off and get it ready for the cook-off!

For the safety of all of our students, we have a few different areas on the playground for play. The small, sectioned off area at the top of the playground is for our 2-year-old students only. Unfortunately, our sign was carted off with our old fence, so there is no notice on the gate. Please ask your children to keep out of this area unless they are in the 2-year-old class. Also, please close the gates behind you when you enter and exit the playground to ensure all of our little ones remain safely inside of the fence.

Thank you for a great first two weeks of school! We look forward to many more to come with all of our sweet students! Have a great weekend!

Take Care,