Friday Updates- March 27, 2020

DOC032720-03272020142815Dear TCDS Families,
Happy Friday, and the end of the second week of social isolation and/or quarantine. I hope that you all are well and hanging in there. I know that this time is a challenge in many different ways, and I want you to know that TCDS is here for you, even if we cannot be open at this time. If you need to talk, need guidance or advice, or just want a little connection, please reach out to me. I am here for you (from afar) as we go through this together.
The staff at Trinity is gathering content and activities for you all while we are closed. You can expect information from your morning class, music/movement, and library each Monday. If your child is contracted with Extended Day in the afternoons, you can also expect to hear from them. The information being sent home is for your use if you want it. There are no requirements for your child(ren) to do what the teachers send home, and also no judgment should you not have the opportunity to get to all of it. We just want to support you all through this with ideas for content and skills practice that your child would be receiving if we were in school. Please look for an email from your morning teacher, one from the school office, and possibly one from Ms. Vicky starting on Monday. But PLEASE… take the week off during “Spring Break”. We all need to give ourselves a break!!
I have also attached the Read-to-Me stars for April. A parent asked for them and thought others might like them too. Again, no pressure… but if this has become a routine, and this routine brings comfort to your child, please feel free to fill them out! I truly hope that we can hang them upon our return at the end of April.
I want to leave you all with this message: You are doing GREAT! Please don’t let yourself feel pressured to “homeschool” your children during this time. They will all learn their alphabet and numbers, shapes and colors, and sight words when they are ready to. Children in preschool learn by playing, exploring, and trying new things. Your fabulous teachers are sending home high-quality ideas for you… but some may not be realistic in your household. And that is okay. If you want to take them on a nature walk rather than working on the letter T one day, please do.  If your child is interested in learning about dinosaurs, but your teacher didn’t send that home as content… learn about dinosaurs anyway. Take your child’s lead, and I think you will find that they will learn a whole lot. Finally, give them, and yourself, unlimited amounts of love and grace during this time.
Please reach out should you need anything! And see you on Monday morning for a new week of Facebook Lives with Ms. Chrissy!
Much Love,