Friday Updates- March 6, 2020

Happy Friday, TCDS Families!

It was a wonderful week here at TCDS! We all truly enjoyed all of the visitors that came into the school for Grandparents Days this week. The students and their visitors made some beautiful crafts together and our visitors were able to see all of the great things the students learn each day. We received an enormous amount of positive feedback. Thank you to all of you for arranging for the visitors to come in for these special days. Please check out our Facebook page a little later for some great memories captured throughout the week!

Trinity Barn Bash is on Saturday, April 18 from 6-10 pm at Grimmel Farms! Tickets are on sale now for $60 a piece, which gets you a delicious buffet dinner, access to our fabulous Silent Auction, open bar (beer and wine), raffles, games, dancing, and so much more! Buy your tickets TODAY in the office! We hope that you can join us! If you can help before, during, or after the event, please follow the link below to sign up!


Clean-up letter



Information will come home this coming week for our big YETI raffle in conjunction with the Barn Bash. There are TWO chances to win this year, and each prize is valued at $333! Tickets are on sale for $10 a piece or 3 for $25. Come to the office to purchase raffle tickets next week!

We are accepting applications for our Summer Nature Program. Applications were sent home a couple of weeks ago, but there are extra copies on the table in the lobby. Please bring the completed application with a 20% deposit to hold your spot(s). There is a savings coupon on our website if you are registering for 2 or more weeks, so if you would like to take advantage of the savings please print the coupon and return it with your application. Also, please be sure to mark your interest in Extended Day on the application too.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming events:

  • Easter Chapel                            Friday, April 3
  • Spring Break                               April 4-13
  • Class Pictures                             April 28 & 29
  • Field Trips:
    • March 20:                    Goucher Arts on Stage for 4’s
    • April 22 & 23:             Ladew Gardens for 3’s
    • April 24:                       Marshy Point for 4’s
    • May 13 & 14:               Zoomobile for 2’s & 3’s


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is all over the news, so I want you to know what we are doing here at TCDS to reduce the spread of germs. The students wash their hands often throughout the day (as they come in, before they eat, after the bathroom, etc.). We are not allowed to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer in school, per Office of Childcare regulations, so please do not store that in your child’s bag here at school. We emphasize the 20-second scrubbing strategy (either sing “Happy Birthday” two times or count to 20… they choose) before they rinse. Please work on this at home, as many of our students try to wash hands extremely quickly, which is not effective for removing germs. We also sanitize surfaces, toys, and bathrooms each day… sometimes more often if needed. We teach and remind children to cough and sneeze into their elbows and we watch to ensure that they are not constantly touching their faces or putting things into their mouths. A document from Dr. Fran, our rector here at Trinity, is also attached for your information on the church’s response.

How can you do your part to reduce the spread of germs? Please follow our Illness Policy as outlined in the Parent Handbook and keep your children home if they are displaying signs of illness. If your child has flu-like symptoms (congestion, cough, fatigue) but is not running a fever, please use discretion and allow your child to rest at home rather than pushing them to come to school. Children who are already sick are more susceptible to picking up secondary infections, so rest and fluids are key to getting your child well quickly. Also, please be sure to have a back-up childcare plan should your child fall ill during the school day. We do not have the staffing or materials to keep sick children separated for long periods of time, so coming within 30 minutes of the phone call from school would be preferred. Also, please keep your child’s teacher and the office informed if your child is out of school. This helps us to communicate with our community should a particular illness start to spread… and it helps us to not worry!

Remember to SPRING FORWARD on Sunday… set your clocks one hour ahead to gain some daylight! I hope you all have a great weekend!


Take Care,